North Korea: New Us sanctions threaten ontwapeningsproces’

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‘The youngest U.s. sanctions threaten the path of nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula once and for all ” block. That says the communist regime Sunday night, after the dialogue between the US and North Korea again all the way appears blocked. Last summer had the presidents Trump and Kim Jong-un is still a historic meeting in Singapore, but since then it stays quiet.

North Korea take particular offense to the fact that the united states last week, against three who are in high positions in North Korea sanctions has been introduced. That happened after a report about human rights violations by the regime. The right hand of Kim Jong-un, Choe Ryong Hae, is due to the sanctions affected.

‘Washington commits a huge error in judgment if it thinks that North Korea is its nuclear arsenal will reduce under pressure, and sanctions’, on Sunday night in a press release from the North Korean agency KCNA. On the contrary, ‘this may be the way to nuclear disarmament forever ” block.

Trump and Kim had the reduction of nuclear weapons in Singapore provided, but without more details or a method to capture.

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