No lonely christmas for Wendy and French?

f93bc9fe336907b34b484f936d51c69d - No lonely christmas for Wendy and French?

Coincidence or not? Perhaps a pure coincidence that we Monday morning at an editorial meeting to talk about the icy silence about whether or not together again by Wendy Of Mittens and French. Our words were not yet cold, and suddenly there was news. Just last month, we informed you that Wendy and French together again, that news was, however, never confirmed nor denied. The phone for the bookings of Wendy Of Mittens stayed on a voice mail to come true, messages were also not answered. And then it is Monday morning december 17, 2018.

Monday morning changed the French his profile picture on Facebook. Stood there until Monday morning, a photo of himself with his daughter Estelle. Surprisingly enough, it appeared there Monday morning, suddenly a picture of Estelle and Wendy is a sight to behold.

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