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Mia Doornaert officially nominated as chairman of the Foundation

35deb50945cbb3d729edab0f02193039 - Mia Doornaert officially nominated as chairman of the Foundation

The new board of directors of the Flemish Literature Fund (VFL) during the installatievergadering Mia Doornaert nominated as chairman. The Culture minister, Sven Gatz (Open VLD) that the Flemish government is still for the christmas hair appointment approves.

It was minister-president Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) which columnist and former journalist Mia Doornaert in July was nominated as the replacement of old-politician Jos Geysels. What has emerged is a controversy about the procedure. That provides that the new board of directors itself, first a chairman identifies and proposes to accept. The government therefore had to turn spoken.

In the new board of directors is composed of seven members, on behalf of the Flemish government. There are at the end of november four independent directors to be added. It comes to Tom Naegels, Marnix Verduyn, Gita Deneckere and Nele Hendrickx. The Fund for the Arts, the Flemish literatuurbeleid in the hands. It improves the visibility at home and abroad, provides scholarships to authors and determines the grants for magazines, lectures and events.

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