Messentrekker Nuremberg remains silent

873c90f7a49dc9ff25779f1ce59a8dbc - Messentrekker Nuremberg remains silent

NUREMBERG – The 38-year-old German man who is suspected of last week in Nuremberg three women stabbed, after his arrest, still said nothing about the attempts to kill him. The hope of the police is still based on tips. According to a spokeswoman, there are now more than two hundred arrived.

There is still being sought for a witness that Thursday evening her dog uitliet in the district of St. Johannis, where the stabbing took place. They may have important information. The alleged offender, without a fixed domicile or residence, since Friday after he was caught when attempting a cheese knife to steal in a shop.

The suspect, who has a long criminal record, would the evening before, shortly after the other three women in the upper body have put. Two of them were fatally wounded. The messentrekker had the weapon with him when he was arrested. Subsequently, DNA traces of a victim found.

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