May: no new Brexit referendum

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LONDON – British prime minister Theresa May will be Monday in the house of Commons to declare that a new referendum on the Brexit what her concerns are not at issue. Such a second referendum would be “the British people betrayed” and “irreparable damage” to the political cause.

These protesters are a hard Brexit.

Parts of the speech that May Monday in the British parliament is going to keep its Sunday night already spread. “A second referendum gives the message to the millions of people who rely on our democracy, that our democracy fails. A new vote will take us not further than the previous one.”

In Britain, more and more voices on to the Brexit question again to the population. Among others, former prime minister Tony Blair was recently a warm plea for, to the anger of May. They found Blair in that way its negotiations with the EU undermines. According to the former prime minister will be a second referendum lead to the withdrawal of Britain from the EU will be reversed.

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