May: Brexitstemming in the third week of January

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LONDON – British prime minister Theresa May will in parliament in the third week of January still to vote on its Brexitdeal with the EU. The vote was supposed to be on december 11 take place, but at the last moment postponed because the premier on a defeat seemed to be heading.

May stated in parliament that the vote now in the week of 14 January should take place. It is unclear on what day that’s going to happen. Opposition party Labour wanted according to an insider Monday a motion of censure submit May not clear when the parliament still would be allowed to vote on the deal.

Within the parliament is much dissatisfaction about the arrangements that May made with the EU. A spokesman for Labour said that the party will not allow that May “in a cynical way time stretched to a false choice between her botched deal and no deal.”

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