Mark Rutte denies ’theft’ of EO-ad

77a0fe3106cf2c4ee218bd29c561ac30 - Mark Rutte denies ’theft’ of EO-ad

Presenter Tijs van den Brink confronted Rutte in the Radio 1 program This is the day with the striking resemblance. “It would be a theft of your trade secret was”, answered the prime minister. “Be glad that you have something good to think, something that inspires others. Our team is inspired by various examples, including your EO-ad.”

Also recognized Rutte is not in the irritation of Van den Brink that the VVD with the close ad a very different message sets forth, namely, that only counts in the Netherlands if you work hard. “We put people in the sun, just like you,” said the prime minister.

Van den Brink tried the twist fix that with the offer that Rutte in exchange for the alleged plagiarism paragraph would be of the EO. But this proposal struck the premier. “I’ve been a member of the VPRO,” said Rutte. “I think it’s nothing if people are members of two parties.”

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