Many German refugees enjoy the benefit

c29d97b38206224aba98467f1c67fd03 - Many German refugees enjoy the benefit

NUREMBERG – Two of the three refugees according to the German Employment agency (BA) is dependent on welfare assistance. Among them are many children and people who although have a job, but this will not earn enough to maintain them. That has a spokeswoman said Monday in Nuremberg at the presentation of the annual results.

The BA goes out of 1.7 million people from the eight main asielzoekerslanden to Germany, including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea and Somalia. Of them 63 percent in the assistance. That is mainly because the German language is not powerful or does not have the proper training.

According to the BA had in september 31.6 percent of the German newcomers a regular job or part-time. In the same month of 2017 was 23.4%. Werkgeversvoorzitter Ingo Kramer noted that it goes well with their integration in the labour market.

In Germany there were last month in a total of 5,91 million beneficiaries. Of them there are 4 million able to work.

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