Loitering shall I say score

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The singing biker gang from How I Will Say It was in the second season, replaced by loitering in tracksuits and gold chains around the neck. Priority and threat, ‘numero uno’ of the group ‘zangjongeren’ is the 23-year-old student Ersin Sahin. “A wonderful role,” he says in The Latest News. “First, you’ll see the fear in people, but if it turns out that they are just a very warm message bring, they begin to shine. Great fun. We want to show that we are not at all like the young people we interpret. On the contrary even. I grew up in Zellik, near Brussels, there are absolutely no loitering. As a teenager I stayed just at home or went with my friends and play football in the park.” A drama followed Ersin not, he came through an audition, contact the program. “I was like edelfigurant on the set of ‘Spider in the Web’, a film with Ben Kingsley and Monica Belluci partly in Antwerp was recorded.”

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