Livestreamende beggar runs within

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New York – A 25-year-old New Yorker earns monthly a thick, 3500 euro by its life live stream and to donate to begging.

Jovan Hill begs from his woonkamerbank each month of $ 4,000 to each other through live stream.

Jovan Hill asks for contributions for his monthly rent of 1300 dollars and for an occasional joint to be able to buy or money for his mother. In return, he tells the whole day about his life, friends and he reacts to the news.

The American is to follow on YouTube, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter where he has a total of 200,000 followers. In the line, it is three times a day, live to follow, during the ’broadcasts’ that between ten and thirty minutes to complete, so writes the New York Times. The videos he takes with his iPhone.

Every time he closes with the question, to make a donation. Who send money, contributes to the ” Jovan-charity’, he says in his videos.

Hill came up with the idea when he was in 2016 online a time attention early for his grandmother with whom the power was shut down. He wanted a few hundred dollars to raise, but soon was the counter at 3,000.

His job at a movie theater has been cancelled. “There earned I less than a day livestreamen from the bank. So why would I work?”

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