Letter to santa Claus after century delivered

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Beverly – A letter that an 8-year-old girl in 1912 to santa Claus in Beverly sent, is still on the destination.

The letter of Page, the santa Claus in 1912 didn’t make it

The letter of Page Woodward sat behind a chimney of the Beverly Heritage Center in the U.s. state of West Virginia and was during a renovation was found.

She writes: “Would you please check these things: for Reginald an air rifle, a scout book, a sweater, and two magazines: Country Gentleman, and Farm Journal. For Ruby a black ribbon, and stockings, for Mabel two stockings. For mama a book. For dad a hat. For Teddy a game, pop and lots of candy and nuts. For myself, a doll, maillot, and lots of candy and nuts.”

The Heritage Center has found that Page Woodward spent her life in Beverly continue to live, and that they, in 1951, has died. If the requested gift’s also are delivered, remains the big question.

Page at the age of 16

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