Legendary Dutch dj Joost den Draaijer get Marconi Oeuvre Award

e0bcb83982729e3f6233d95d03687525 - Legendary Dutch dj Joost den Draaijer get Marconi Oeuvre Award

The Marconi Oeuvre Award this year, for the legendary platenruiter Willem van Kooten, also known by his pseudonym Joost den Draaijer. The radiopersoonlijkheid receive the award as the founder of the hitradio in the Netherlands, for example, the website of AVROTROS to read.

“Jingles, fillers, intros volpraten and horizontal programming; we today find it the most normal thing in the world. However, there is but one that to American example, in the Netherlands introduced by: Willem van Kooten,” the.

“Van Kooten controlled the radiomaken like no other; always full of energy, bravado, passion and with a perfect timing. He thus became the ultimate example for the later generations discjockeys. They practised all the dj-box from within the standard Van Kooten, perhaps, unconsciously in the Netherlands has dropped”.

Born on 7 January 1941, in Hilversum, the home of Dutch broadcasting, made the laureate’s name at the pirate radio stations Radio Veronica and Radio North sea, later for the public broadcaster to work.

The dj and the businessman gets the prize on 31 January were presented. Last her was Adam Curry, the winner of the award, since 2004.

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