Kurt Russell call Hollywood sexist

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

“If we look into the past of Hollywood, and the products therefrom have come, you can not else than conclude that women are much more difficult to run in that world than it is for men,” says Russell of BW magazine.

Also the actor comments on the ageism that Hollywood invariably continue to apply. According to him, can the actors a lot longer to remain successful in the world than the actresses, because they are judged on their appearance and seksappeal. It falls to him on that women are often not cast when they have reached a certain age.

Kurt let people know very proud of the actresses, including his wife, Goldie Hawn, since they are unwritten rules to their boot know to rags, and still be successful at a later age. “Goldies energy is incredible. She still looks great, is in good form and has a broad interest in what happens in the world. Still cross them sometimes its head in the sand and she has fun.”

But although he is proud of the work of his wife, he rarely go to the movies where they are playing. The other way around. “You know, we look just do not like to go to the movies that we have created. Sometimes stumbled by chance on a movie while zapping, we can look at perhaps even.”

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