’I exist, for I am called by Weijers’

6d59c9c8d7308bd3852c60829a2023c2 - ’I exist, for I am called by Weijers’

The minister-president had heard of Weijers’ warning. The comedian told REUTERS that he Rutte on new year’s eve, well on the grain due to the fiddling around the abolition of the dividend tax. “When I had to think of Wim Can,” responded Rutte. He was referring to Chance, “wonderful conference,” from 1973. “In it he says at one point: ‘I’m still one to forget, because they’re all at home watching. Would still be nice if you also have calls.’ From which you can deduce: it is even worse if you is not listed, if you called.”

“My feeling will be: I am, for I am called by Guido Weijers”, described the prime minister his thoughts. “We’re going to continue to see. I am that evening with friends on path, so I’ll be in the repetition should look.”


Which Rutte also happy to be a repeat want to see is the Correspondents Dinner, that is, in 2016, for the first time and yet for the last time in our country was held. “If it was up to me tomorrow”, said Rutte on the question of Giel Beelen whether there is still an issue. “I found it fun to do, I would love to do.”

According to the premier, there arose within the public service broadcaster ’internal discussion’ after the first gala dinner, in which Rutte, in a comedic speech the press and politics on the heel took. “You have one politician as a platform?”, described Rutte the noise. “Then, all together, with repetition of more than three million people watched. Then you think: well, still nice if you have some ratings. That is always such a hassle in public broadcasting.”

Twan Huys would be switched to RTL have considered from his new employer to take the initiative, said the premier. “But I have nothing more heard. But maybe there are things going on hear, that I do not know.”

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