Farthest rock in solar system discovered

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WASHINGTON – Far beyond all the planets to rotate a rock in orbit around the sun. It is the farthest object in the solar system that until now has been discovered. The distance from the sun to the rock is 120 times the distance from the sun to the earth. That is three times as far as Neptune, the planet furthest from the sun.

Possible it is a dwarf planet.

The ruimterots has the scientific name 2018 VG18. His nickname is Farout (far away). The discoverers had previously all other rocks on the edge of our solar system discovered. Who have nicknames like Biden and Goblin. They are closer to.

About Farout is still very little known. He’s doing probably as much as 1000 years to go once around the sun to rotate. The rock is about 500 kilometers in diameter and has a pink glow, which could mean that he has a lot of ice cream, and is around. He may be a dwarf planet, like Pluto.

The explorers think that there might be a ninth, as-yet-undiscovered planet in the far reaches of our solar system. That is ’Planet X’. If the scientists are the omloopbanen of boulders as 2018 VG18 know better, they might be able to calculate whether there is a planet far away that it attracts.

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