Excavation on the site of Michel Fourniret

5e10c714b1098e3b17765da3c76582ec - Excavation on the site of Michel Fourniret

French agents search a field that is ever of the serial killer Michel Fourniret has been.

Since Monday morning, there are excavation on a site in Floing (near the northern French Sedan). That was between 1964 and 1999 the Monster of the Ardennes”.

One of the members of the research team is examining Sabine Kheris. Who leads the investigation into the murder of two girls from the Yonne, Joanna Parrish and Marie-Angèle Domece. Fourniret, in February admitted that he has been murdered.

The lifeless, raped and beaten body of Parrish in 1990 found. That of Domece is never found.

Fourniret was in may 2008 to life in prison convicted for the murder of seven women and girls in France and Belgium, including the Belgian Elisabeth Brichet. Might still unsolved crimes with him, be associated.

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