European consumers ‘ association wants action against mucus

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BRUSSELS – The European consumers ‘ organisation BEUC pulls in Brussels on the call about the toy slime. From surveys in eight countries, including the Netherlands, shows that in 40 percent of the slijmmerken more of the harmful substance boron than is allowed by law, according to BEUC.

Playing with slime is currently very popular.

Drill can according to the umbrella organisation on the short term diarrhea, skin irritation and vomiting cause. It affects young children and teenagers popular slimy toys can also fertility affect and to hormoonverstoringen at a later age lead. At the end of november, warned the Consumers to all of that mucus is not always safe, especially for children under six years of age.

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Consumers ‘ association warns of mucus

In a letter to the European Commission, BEUC suggests that slijmproducten that do not comply with the rules plenty on sale in the EU, also online. The organization asks Brussels to the authorities in the member states thereof on the to inform them to take action to to detect. That is, according to BEUC urgently needed because up to now there has been little alarm is beaten over unsafe mucus.

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