Davina Michelle takes kersttram about

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Davina should also the chair of the trammachinist seat and treated all attendees to an acoustic version of her kersthits Imagine and Hallelujah. But, of course, sent them also together with the tram customers benefit from her hit Takes too long.

“It’s very cool to be in this way tram customers benefit from of the Sky Radio kersttram in to bring christmas cheer. And then also with my own version of Imagine, the song I the end of november The Christmas Station that was open. What a great experience”, please let Davina know.

The whole christmas season is there, both in Amsterdam as in Rotterdam, a special Sky Radio kersttram that travellers in style to the place of destination. The two kersttrams have a giant santa hat from 2.5 to 2 metres, 6300 christmas tree and non-stop kersthits of The Christmas Drive, to travellers in a festive mood to bring.

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