Davina Michelle in race muziekmoment of 2018

6c5803fb90591aec4b9280bc3ff3f7b7 - Davina Michelle in race muziekmoment of 2018

Glennis Grace is in the race with her auditions for America’s Got Talent. The Amsterdam singer knew it this year to kick it to the finals of the American talent show. Ali B is moving with his ode to Mies Bouwman during the Golden Televizer-Ring Gala, Davina Michelle did that with her version of Takes a long time in the Best singers. Also Anouk made for a special tv moment when she was on the first day of spring came up in the weather forecast of RTL. Waylon can, despite the fact that he was in Lisbon as well as eighteenth-ended, still in the prizes with his performance in the final of the Eurovision song contest. Also, his portrayal of Outlaw In ‘Em was, according to 100% EN a special moment.

Who was responsible for the ’Muziekmoment of the Year’ is announced early in January. The price of 100% EN prior to the 100% NL Awards. The public award for the Dutch artists will be on 7 February issued.

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