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Coucke buy themselves time in the file agents

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The 24 professional clubs have announced seven fundamental measures adopted from the following zomermercato the makelaarswereldje thoroughly have to change. But it is still only to promises. Though they are still concrete.

Today was D-day for Marc Coucke. Shortly after the outbreak of operation ‘Clean Hands’ and ‘ Football Leaks promised, the chairman of the Pro League to a room full of critical politicians to …

Today was D-day for Marc Coucke. Shortly after the outbreak of operation ‘Clean Hands’ and ‘Football Leaks promised, the chairman of the Pro League to a room full of critical politicians to be against december 17, so today, a charter to set up with agreements about new, stricter rules for players’ agents.

A promise that Coucke today only partially fulfilled. On the basis of proposals of the three-man committee of experts, which also included the controversial ceo Pierre François sits, approved the 24 professional clubs tonight unanimously 7 ‘principles’ which should ensure that the “wrong brokers” in the future, punished and even completely out of the Belgian professional football banned.

Player pays real estate agent

The most drastic measure of all is perhaps that Coucke and the Pro League like that in the future the players and no longer the clubs the spelermakelaars pay. “That will probably lead to an explosion of the spelerssalarissen’, Coucke this request. “But that will, we hope, only temporary. Players will consider the wages that brokers ask. And it will conflicts of interest occur. As agents sometimes have agreements with clubs where the players are not aware of.’

Registration and deposit

All agents (both foreign and Belgian) will also inform the football association must register, where they are under more obligation will be a security deposit (in Flanders is that 25,000 euros).

Also new is that both the contracts between professional clubs and agents and the contracts between agents and players are required will have to be reported to a newly established ‘central clearinghuis’ and to the license committee. Not registered brokers would be that way from Belgium banned should be able to be and registered brokers who do not comply with the rules, would be so easily punished. And that’s because the same clearinghuis the payout of commissions to the ‘wrong’ football agent would be able to block.

Finally, should agents also minor football players in Belgium are not allowed any more access, there would be an information campaign be set up to that the parents and the minor football players to communicate, and the agents harder and harder to get players from each other to pick up. That last by a so-called ‘cooling off’period to enter, in which players who of real estate agent want to change that now and at any time – that can only be at the end of the next transfer.

Legal feasibility?

You hear it, a lot of good intentions. But also here applies the well-known saying: ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Because it is still going to promises, which president Coucke ‘hopes that the majority will be against the following zomermercato will can be realized’. Whether that is realistic remains to be seen. In particular, the control and the sanctions for the breach of the above principles, will probably still be a lot of ink to flow.

The key question there is whether that is legally feasible will turn out to be. And also the clubs can still be a spanner in the works throw. The 24 professional clubs, for example, now have 10 days to make comments and own proposals. In the same period, the committee of experts to work further on a specific time grid, in which the 7 ‘principles’ to translate into deeds.

Whether this will be enough to the pressure from the politics to keep up, remains to be seen. Multiple political parties are pushing, after all, for weeks to more transparency and decisiveness of the prof league. And that not only in the makelaarsdossier.

Also the clubs itself are efforts expected. If the prof league, the own stable is not uitmest’, were threatened with even political parties like CD&V and Open VLD openly to the important fiscal and social benefits for the professional clubs – which together accounted for 130 million per year, to scrap or at least reform. Especially the SOCIAL security discount for professional footballers is under fire. That provides that professional footballers, per month many tens of thousands of dollars to earn less than social security contributions to be paid, while the professional clubs a big discount on the withholding tax (if the money in the youth groups invest).

The Block and the CD&V

‘But you must have these things be separate’, responded Coucke on the question of whether any threat from the political now is gone. “We have promised to priority the brokers to deal with them. About the other problems in the voetbaldossier we have regular contact with the cabinets, and we keep discussions in the competent joint committee. Also we are working on more transparency.’

The ball is now in the camp of minister of Social Affairs, Maggie De Block, who a few weeks ago, publicly warned that the football world the message is not understood. ‘I asked for a signal, but have not received, ” she said when sharp. Because concrete results, she has now her services assigned to by the beginning of next year proposals to the national office for SOCIAL security-advantage. From the middle of January has her cabinet about several meetings scheduled with all sports federations, not only the football association.

CD&V has prepared a bill which, inter alia, the SOCIAL security benefits only reserves for athletes with a maximum annual salary of 81.600 euro and that the pay threshold for non-EU players sensitive wants to go up. The kind of proposals which Coucke more than a month ago in the parliamentary committee with any sense of drama stated that they are ‘of a healthy sector in a financial cemetery.

Political crisis

The chance that the above proposals becoming a reality, seems small, however. Not only because we are by the ongoing political crisis in the coming months may not need to rely on a strong federal government. Also as important (ex)-government parties N-VA and MR over the last few weeks several times already, clearly, made that of ‘paniekvoetbal’ and ‘steekvlampolitiek’ can be no question.

So Coucke and the Pro League is unexpectedly even just a little bit longer. The question remains, however: how long? Because promises make debt. That politicians like no other.

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