British parliament votes third week of January about Brexitdeal

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The British prime minister Theresa May has Monday during a parliamentary debate confirmed that the British house of Commons in the week of January 14, may express an opinion on the Brexitdeal.

“Many members of parliament are convinced that we will soon have to make a decision,” said prime minister May Monday against members of parliament. “The intention is to use the debates on the deal on 7 January to reopen, and then in the subsequent week, indeed, to a vote.’

It was originally intended that the House last week would say about the Brexitdeal. When the May, however, it became clear that a majority of the current deal on the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union would reject, she decided that the vote to postpone.

Out of dissatisfaction with the delay asked a group of Conservative party members of the British prime minister a vote of confidence in about her position. May succeeded in that vote to survive, but a parliamentary majority for the Brexitdeal found in the house of Commons continues to be a perilous assignment. In addition it calls for the first time, on 29 march next year, at midnight, would the British official from the European Union.

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