Biechtgeheim must give way to relief

33108c9bcdf9fb724026164a8d736dc0 - Biechtgeheim must give way to relief

BRUGES – A 57-year-old priest from Bruges, has been sentenced to one month conditional imprisonment due to “negligence” in a suicide. The mental disabled, no help in when a 54-year-old man told him about zelfmoordplannen. The priest relies on the biechtgeheim, but the hulpverleningsplicht is there for everyone, says the court.

The depressed man trusted the priest in October 2015 during a long phone call that he of life wanted to rob. A few hours later, he did that also. His widow filed a complaint with justice, that there is a case of made. According to the Public Ministry, the priest, someone else or the police should warn.

The biechtgeheim makes the court part of the obligation of professional secrecy, but that secrecy is not absolute. The hulpverleningsplicht true for everyone, also for holders of the professional secrecy, according to the ruling. In this state of emergency had the priest must intervene, certain right. The spiritual appealed.

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