Alarm to Dutch jihadist in Salou

d70abb4a5da56c5447e331511292c1c2 - Alarm to Dutch jihadist in Salou

SALOU – The Spanish authorities to save the alarm because of a Dutch jihadist in the tourist Salou is signaled.

Khalid Makran.

The 29-year-old Khalid Makran, who has Dutch nationality, is Saturday, last seen in the centre of Salou. Subsequently, the Spanish police and other security forces in the area will be alerted to be extra vigilant.

Also the national police and military police of Spain are informed of the presence of Makran. The services trying to figure out where the jihadist are right now.

Makran is known to have ties with jihadist recruitment and indoctrinatienetwerken, reports Catalan newspaper ARA. According to the internal politiebericht has Khalid Makran “a Dutch identity card”. He would drive around in a gezinsvoertuig and “unpredictable behavior” exhibit.

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