Ajax and Real Madrid know each other all too well

a6a2580885b1165c5097f664e6efc259 - Ajax and Real Madrid know each other all too well

During the draw of the eighth finals of the Champions League was Ajax in Nyon linked to defending champion Real Madrid.

The Locals were Los Galacticos but less than twelve times before bump into the Champions League. The advantage lies in Madrid. The Royal drew seven times at the longest end, Ajax went there four times with the gain off.

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One of the most memorable matches between Ajax and Real Madrid, there was a out of the group stage of the Champions Leaugue of 1995. That contest went into the books as the day that Ajax voetballes gave to Real Madrid in Bernabeu. A youthful Ajax, under the leadership of Louis van Gaal, played Real completely search and got after the 2-0 victory, even a standing ovation from the Spanish crowd.

Under the time Frank de Boer became Ajax in the group stage three years in a row, linked to the People of madrid. When the roles are reversed. The miljoenenelftal from the Spanish capital was always a few sizes too big for Ajax.

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