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A new Reuters Report informs: crypto-advertising is often not serious – Coin Hero

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A new Reuters Report informs: crypto-advertising often untrustworthy

Home News New Reuters Report informs: crypto-advertising often untrustworthy

Matthias Nemack –

That there is in the area of the ICOs black sheep, is known. A new Report, however, that experts for good assessments often receive money. The for those interested in such important independence remains on track.

Special Report – good Ratings for ICOs are often bought

We reported recently about the of the supervision authority, the SEC has imposed fines against a US-American DJ as well as the well-known Boxer Floyd Mayweather because of “unfair advertising”. Mayweather had to pay $ 300,000 penalty, because he occurs on his Social Media had turned to the advertising drum for a ICO. In a new report under the name “Special Report” devote themselves to experts of the Reuters news Agency currently reporting to crypto-currencies and the new Issuer in the market. To the Report authors, that the were content advertising are often very friendly and not critical enough.

Even real experts can be used for your assessment pay

This, in turn, the authors see in the fact that the crypto will have paid to the Issuer apparently, in many cases, for the good news to their activities. What sounds for insiders, not dramatically, but it can be for investors without a comprehensive prior knowledge of the Problem. Just when the recommendations of the sides Prominent. Especially as The Reuters Report suggests that, in addition to athletes and Social Media Influencers, experts for good reviews get money of the crypto-service providers. Who wants to trade with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and other established currencies, you will find many reputable partners in the Form of crypto exchanges. But in the case of new ICOs investors are instructed in spe on objective reporting.

Especially for beginners the data is a risk

This is missing but the Special Report shows that only too often. Here, the authors rely on the information provided by numerous industry insiders as well as documentation for the preparation of the Reports. Just optimistic ICO-Ratings could cost some investors a lot of money. It is even more important to use reputable sources for the preparation of a crypto investment, and to use only reliable and transparent work by the end of trading platforms for purchases and sales. Whether Bitcoins will be preferred or investors want to buy less well-known currencies such as Qtum, plays no role. Reliable information is always a top priority.

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