Zoë Kravitz fight every day against eating disorder

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Zoe Kravitz

“As someone who has struggled with both anorexia as bulimia, I can only recommend love for yourself,” says Zoe to the British Marie Claire. “The most important thing is that you better really want to be.” She explains, only you on the recovery can work. “Even though you have so much support from family and friends and you are in therapy. It was only when I was completely tired of was that I my body and mind to the torture was, that I decided not to listen to the negative voices,” she says.

“Even now, should I remind that I made this promise to myself I made, because recovery is an ongoing process. It is important that everyone know that, because the years can go well, and you still have a relapse.” The daughter of Lenny Kravtitz explains that people often with the idea that if they are not fully restored, they are weak. “But the truth is that you are always in struggle. Live day by day, allow yourself to the sometimes difficult and always keep your goal in mind.”

Zoë fights himself every day for her disorder. “There are days that I realize that I have become quite the day am busy with what I have eaten and how I look. That are all unhealthy thoughts. What is important is that I eat when I need to do for myself care and sport.”

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