Weinsteins name of longcentrum removed

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Harvey Weinstein

In 2012, the former filmmagnaat with a lot of fuss at the hospital, the Harvey and Georgina Weinstein National Heart and Lung Transplant Center was open, named after him and his then-wife, designer Georgine Chapman. He raised money for the department during the premiere of the oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook in which Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play a leading role. The latter was also at the opening was present, as well as other stars like Julia Stiles and Chris Tucker. After all the scandals around Weinstein is his name of the longtransplantatiecentrum removed.

What exactly of the centre is to become, staff members of the hospital and the representative of Weinstein don’t tell.” His spokesperson only know that Weinstein ever a half a million dollars raised for the centre, after a friend of him a transplant was needed. And so ends according to the newspaper yet another poor attempt to philanthropy of Weinstein.

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