Van Bronckhorst: ’Good feeling gone’

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst

“The ‘goodwill’ that we the last weeks have grown, the good game that we showed, the good feeling; everything is now gone”, said the visibly excited trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst after the first loss of points this season on the home field (0-2).

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Feyenoord crawled the last few weeks again gently to the top of the rankings, introduced by the gain on leader PSV (2-1).

After the blunder against Fortuna Sittard to watch the Locals against a deficit of ten points on PSV. “Beforehand, I against the boys also said,’ everything we have achieved, is gone as soon as the first whistle sounds. You must all the time show”, said Van Bronckhorst at FOX Sports. “We today met.”

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Van Bronckhorst called a few weeks ago that Feyenoord until the winter break, all the matches and had to win to have any titelaspiraties. “The towel throw do we never. But we make it ourselves quite difficult. We have expensive items, so that the distance with PSV and Ajax now very large. Those two teams are performing optimally. We remain thereon behind.”

An explanation for the ’off-day’ of his team against Fortuna had Van Bronckhorst, not really. “We were not totally in the match. We were not ’fixed’ enough to the ball and also the veldbezetting was less than the previous weeks.”

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