Utrecht remains strong under Lawyer

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Rabid joy at FC Utrecht.

In the Abe Lenstrs Stadium won the team of Dick Advocaat with 2-3. By the victory remains in Utrecht the netherlands number four in the Netherlands.

Emil Bergström opened within a quarter of an hour the score with a header. In the 26th minute and doubled Gyrano Church the margin. The attacker pulled out from a difficult position. Goalkeeper Warner Hahn saw there, however, are not very good at that hit.

Dick Advocat continues to win with FC Utrecht.

That was also true for his keeperswerk at the third goal. Hahn showed himself on the stroke of tranquility far too easy to surprise in the short how. This time was the scorer Oussama Tannane.

Halfway through the second half did Michel Vlap something back on behalf of Heerenveen. That hit seemed to come too late, but a quarter of an hour for time, Pelle Van Amersfoort, the second Frisian hit. Then got Lukas Görtler of Utrecht, a red card, but that was the meantime, by the VAR.

Heerenveen coach Jan Olde Riekerink to see his team schutteren.

In the verrvolg scored both teams not more. Heerenveen remains by the defeat provisional number eight of the Premier league.

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