Trump brings lightning visit to cemetery

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has Saturday an unannounced lightning visit to the military cemetery of Arlington in Washington. In a quarter of an hour he looked at the thousands of christmas wreaths that were laid at the military graves, a yearly tribute to fallen warriors.

Trump visits the cemetery of Arlington in the drizzle. Last month he received a lot of criticism, because of a visit to a war cemetery in France was withdrawing because of the rain.

Trump visited the portion of the cemetery where the American soldiers are that, since 2001, have laid down their lives in the fight against terror, as reported in the American media. The visit took place in the drizzle.

Last month, Trump is still a lot of criticism, because he is in France because of the rain abandon a visit to an American cemetery margraten. He was in France for the commemoration of the end of the First world War.

Arlington National Cemetery is located on a site that used to be the famous general Robert E. Lee was and is not even 10 kilometres from the White House.

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