’To be threatened, okay, but stay away from my family’

1de6bfa79e4e86c594220f3a6869454d - ’To be threatened, okay, but stay away from my family’

Achmed Akkabi

The actor came in early december in the private facebook group Marorokkanen Together under fire after a post that was initially about his excellent action in Mocro Mafia ended in a shouting. The reason: the fact that Akkabi in the film Chez Nous the role of homosexual security guard. When then in the group of pictures up of his family members, he decided to intervene.

“My family was exposed, there were photos of my brother placed. I could not respond, the private group, but with the science then the topic always consist with the pictures of my family members in it. Or I go the same game play, I place it on my twitter. By places, I know already: there is a press release.”

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The controversy surrounding these real homophobia emerged was remarkably not as big as the funny referred to the statements of Johan Derksen, that even the deputy prime minister and the minister of the emancipation movement got. However, Akkabi, however, his purpose. ,,That topic was, therefore, in any case, in no time removed. The photos of family members went this way.”

,,You may me, deal with it. You may all of my choices are terrible. I don’t mind being threatened. All of that is okay, as long as it is on me. At the moment they are my family there to engage, I think that’s not fine.”

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That a short time later, Mocro Mafia-colleague Nasrdin Dchar under fire was taken by muslims because he was a christmas tree in the house, get Akkabi. “You can’t hate on someone who has a christmas tree in his living room in the Netherlands. As one of the largest supermarkets of Morocco is already the end of november a whole kerstafdeling. It is total ignorance. You have all the christmas markets in Rabat, Morocco. What are we talking about?”

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However, he does have a kind of explanation. ,,I do think that there is a group that is so obsessively preoccupied with religion, that they are against anything that does not fit, hard fight. It seems that their as though their whole religion is taken. (…) I think that as public figures such as Nasrdin and myself, than do something that is not according to that narrative – namely that we muslims live in this way – then take them there stand against and sometimes rather violently.”

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