Thousands of Hungarians protest against Orban

48a9b3f2c0480f1211fc7d08a5417ecc - Thousands of Hungarians protest against Orban

For the fourth time in a short time, opposition parties and studentengroeperingen on the street come in Budapest against the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

Under the motto ‘Merry christmas, mr. premier, thousands of Hungarians on the streets to protest against the so-called ‘slavenwet’ and the radicaalrechtse course that prime minister Viktor Orban speed.

They carried banners bearing messages like ‘do Not steal’ and ‘Independent courts!’.

This referred the protesters to the new legislation to four hundred hours of overtime per year, the ‘slavenwet’, and the establishment of new administrative courts that are accountable to the government and will bend over election laws and corruption.

As a response to earlier protests showed ruling party Fidesz, which Orban is connected, know that it is ” increasingly clear that criminals are part of the riots organized by the Soros-network’.

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