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The largest crypto-Fails to 2018

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Last year at this time, the courses of most of the crypto-shot of the currencies in the amount. The Bitcoin exchange rate was about $ 15,000 and Ethereum over 700 dollars. Since then, the prices of Bitcoin fell to below $ 4000, and for Ethereum in under $ 100. A still continuing bear market for crypto. In fact, some would say that the bubble has burst, as the market capitalization from a peak of over 800 billion dollars fell to about $ 100 billion. Up to the year 2018 into a great enthusiasm prevailed in the crypto market, that 2018 was going to be a great year, but things didn’t go quite as expected, what concerns the prices, especially since the regulation began authorities, against crypto-currencies. Scams, Hacks, raids, etc. have led to a persistent bear market. Here are some of the major headlines that appeared in the last year.

The Kobayashi Incident

The slump in Bitcoin began with the Liquidation of assets in connection with the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox. The Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox filed for 2014 due to a Hacks for bankruptcy. Between the December 2017 and January 2018, sold Nobuaki Kobayashi, the main Trustee of Mt.Gox, an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. It is assumed that this event had a strong influence on the rate of decay.

A report said that this event of the sale of Bitcoins in large numbers, the course in 2018 dropped to 6000$. Although the Trustee attempted to the Victim, the 2014 your money by the Mt.Gox Hack lost, your lost Bitcoins or Bitcoin to Cash back, this had started to decrease, no major impacts, as the price of Bitcoin.

Since then, the Bitcoin has not been able to catch up the lost value. Also the Altcoins showed the same Trend, where the prices fell more or less constant.

Coincheck Hack

This year, there was a large-scale Hack on the crypto-Exchange Coincheck Inc. 523 million NEM Coins to the value of about 534Millionen of dollars were stolen in the Hack. The Hack of Coincheck was larger than the Mt.Gox, which took place in 2014. You gave him the name “the greatest theft in the world”. Many have criticized the Exchange, due to lack of safety precautions and the use of Hot Wallets. Through this event, a sudden panic about the security of the Exchange broke out among the users. Despite the Hacks, the NEM Community has remained fairly calm and also the rate remained stable.


The sudden sanctions of many authorities, 2018 on the crypto market came as a surprise. In the Moment a lot of capital flowed in a short time in the market, the regulatory authorities, noisy. The size of the penalties varied from country to country. China ban ICOs extensively and went against Miner. The South Korean government to ban the use of anonymous accounts to Trade crypto-currencies and the prohibition of local financial institutions to conduct business with Bitcoin Futures. India to ban the Keeping and Trade of crypto-Assets, and a number of banks were allowed to do business with companies that had to do with crypto. In the United States a legal dispute over the Status of the ICO-Token as the securities, to the confusion of investors. Progress has been especially achieved in Thailand and Japan, where markets are heavily regulated, but the handling of cryptographic and ICOs is legal. Hopefully next year more countries will follow.

Hacks in South Korea

Even if the Mainnets were never compromised, hackers have captured still crypto-currencies in the value of billions of dollars of Exchanges and users. One of the most affected regions of the world is South Korea and North Korea to be behind most of these attacks. Coinrail and Bithumb, two South Korean stock markets lost over $ 71 million. Last year Yobit was hacked, a significant Exchange, which led to the loss of Bitcoins in the value of 73 million dollars, the company is forced, in the December file for bankruptcy. North Korea allegedly profited from a large extent of these Hacks. In recent times, has shifted the strategy of an attack on large institutions to individual users, since most of the Exchanges have increased the security measures.

Expectations for 2019

With a view to the new year, all hope seems to be lost, but many are of the view that the worst is over and good times lie ahead. During all this turmoil, the number of crypto users has doubled in the year 2018, while more and more companies are looking for crypto solutions for your problems. Many predict that the markets, 2019 will have a rest and crypto-currencies will win a portion of their lost value back. Mainstream Adoption is expected at least for a few years, but the current interest in crypto in the long term, when you consider that it was a year ago, is still purely speculative. At the Moment, 2019 is boring and not very exciting, but the crypto-markets have never ceased to amaze us.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy from. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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