The international community is to agree on rules applicable climate deal Paris

3ef4f9bca3957882a437b083b5e538e0 - The international community is to agree on rules applicable climate deal Paris

The delegates from some 200 countries are gathered at the climate Conference in the Polish Katowice have Saturday the rules adopted for the application of the Agreement of Paris, on the restriction of the warming of the earth.

The conference ends so 24 hours later than scheduled. The end of the discussions was a standing ovation greeted the participants.

The agreement testifies not of much ambition. There are no new commitments entered into by the countries for achieving their targets for reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases sharper.

The EU promised the efforts, but even within the EU, there was opposition. Also our country was Wednesday not meetekenen because the Flemish government do not agree.

Ngos concerned

Ngos went all the alarm to the difficult chord. “We are very worried,” said Wendel Trio, director of Climate Action Network, Saturday in The Standard. ‘The text stands, gives no strong signal that the emissions of greenhouse gases from 2020 down drastically.”

The climate coalition, a dachverein of environmental ngos, be, and the limited ambition of our country. “Belgium has missed an opportunity to engage in the fight against the klimaatwisseling to profile itself as a responsible and ambitious country,” she said Saturday afternoon.

The climate coalition recalls that prime minister Charles Michel at the beginning of this week in Marrakech, it claimed that Belgium, on the migratievraagstuk, ” to the right side of history’. But also for the climate policy applies is still open, reads it.

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