The Heroes get reinforcement

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Sunday morning were the Heroes to guest in the King Live, they came to talk about their new mini series in February 2019 at the antenna. Sieg, Maureen, Dempsey and Nico to the snow pulled and there is something special happened: they were four young people who are equally adventurous, creative, excited, and heroic. Therefore, the Heroes decided that they, too, Hero. Who the Heroes will strengthen the Ketnetters to know in Heroes of the snow in February.

“It feels to us as if we only started yesterday to the Heroes in-story, but the first episodes date back already to more than 6 years ago!!!! The last years were packed with fun adventures: a race of homemade vehicles, on tour through Flanders, two real movies, the coolest playground in the country to build … It is really not contain. The last few years we have noticed that there are even more cool, young people passionate about are sports, creative and technological. The piece ‘Heroes’ on their way. Therefore, we call on reinforcement of four additional Heroes. Who are you can discover later, but we are sure that the Ketnetters with them is still a lot of crazy adventures to experience.”

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