The Fabeltjeskrant is back, in the bios

c5b9595931c2f003e3c1e42fbb57b963 - The Fabeltjeskrant is back, in the bios

Among others, Loes Luca, Georgina Verbaan and Armin van Buuren did the voices for the animated film. The original voice of Miss Stork, which was recorded by the now 80-year-old Els Scherjon, is also to hear. Rubinstein Media, The Levita Productions and animation studio Grid has a total of four years working on the digitization of the dolls from the original series.

According to producer Robin de Levita is the film ’a feast for three generations’. “One of recognition for all the parents and grandparents, and for the little ones a joyous and exciting introduction of The Fabeltjeskrant”, said the producer.

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