Stars warm up for The Christmas Show

8e8dc087ec3737054113227720b28c75 - Stars warm up for The Christmas Show

Pip Pellens, Fred van Leer and Esmee van Kampen during the dress rehearsals of The Christmas Show – Cinderella and the christmas Bauble.

Musicalactrice Celinde Schoenmaker plays the lead role of Cinderella. Stylist Fred van Leer crawls into the skin of her wicked stepmother and actresses Pip Pellens and Esmée of Kamen are the stepsisters. GTST-star Buddy Vedder takes the role of prince, singer Ger Otte plays the king and presenter Carlo Boszhard is the narrator of the story.

Carlo Boszhard wrote the script together with Maurice Wines. They trays of the classic tale of orphan Cinderella and her evil stepmother and stepsisters in a contemporary presentation. Known kersthits will not be missing. Cinderella and the christmas Bauble is the fourth edition of The Christmas Show, a concept based on the popular christmas shows in New York and London.

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