Stabbed to death Sarah app: ’He goes killing people’

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ROTTERDAM – The American student who Wednesday was stabbed to death in Rotterdam, warned a friend of impending doom from her housemate: “He’s going to assassinate people. I need to go to the police.” Against her mother – already was suspicious – she said that she is the only friend of S. was and, despite quarrels with him wanted to continue to deal.

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Writes ABC News on the basis of WhatsApp conversations. Roommate Joel S. was in a train station picked up and is stuck on suspicion of involvement in her death. He is a talented double bass player, and won international awards.

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“I don’t talk with people, work full time and study full time”, lamented Sarah Papenheim against her friend, asked how it went. The cheerful, high-spirited student (21) was apparently difficult, with its many obligations. She also wrote that her roommate swore ” that he is three people to kill’.

Sarah Papenheim.

They had not the idea that she herself was in danger, suspect Adam Pryor, the friend of Sarah. “I thought:” that guy is permanently angry at certain people. I didn’t feel as if Sarah herself was in danger,” said Pryor. “It seemed that the other people went.”

Mother: go away with him

Or Sarah, eventually, the police is able to go, as they had planned, is not known. “But she was very responsible. I trusted that the good came, that they to the police would go, and all would be well. I had never see this coming”, mourns Pryor.

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Sarah was rather against her mother told that they with S. about music spoke. He had the tendency to get angry, furious even. She was the only one who him had calmed down. Her mother was worried and advised her ’not him’.

That wild Sarah is not. “Mom, he is my friend. And I am his only friend”, she said, reminds her mother Donee Odegard. “He can get angry,” said Sarah, tells her mother against ABC News, “but I can always rely on him to talk to them and see him change your mind.”

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