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Speculation about Facebook competition to Bitcoin to take

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Matthias Nemack –

In particular, the increasing creation of jobs for former employees of the Fintech sector in the home Facebook nourish rumors that the Social Media giant could soon launch its own crypto-currencies. The entry comes from? And if Yes, in what Form?

Facebook has become less strictly in the case of crypto-advertising

Industry speculation circulating for quite some time that the development would provide Department of the company’s Facebook and soon it’s own Token. This could then, for example, for payments within the User Community and to with Facebook-connected platforms. The Portal in the past few months, increasingly strict policy on advertising campaigns for ICOs and trading exchanges for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other currencies, eased, looks to some observers as an indication that the likelihood is quite high that Facebook will in the future enter the market.

Know-how of experienced Blockchain-connoisseurs will be purchased””

In addition to collaborations with experts from the crypto and Blockchain-Segment, the gradual Opening-up of the company. In addition, there are in the group already has a growing Team, which deals with the Blockchain. That Facebook to Ask questions of the media in the usual way, very closed when it comes to possible new developments in this field, the rumors tend to additional feed. For Facebook users, a private digital payment system could allow, in any case, easier payment processing. Since November, Users can also send Litecoin via the Facebook Messenger service, as we reported.

Acquisitions rather than in-house development efforts?

Even if so far it is unclear whether the speculation about a Facebook Token. At least there is a new basis for discussions. Because not every crypto-user would hold such a Format is useful and good. Some analysts, with the current developments of the industry, likely that the U.S. company instead of the company’s own development work will probably rather choose a different path. Acquisitions of promising Start-ups meant to be so in the crypto sector to enter. Unlike some other companies, it should not be missing Facebook at least need a little money in the petty cash.

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