Sabine Hagedoren fall in love

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Sabine Hagedoren can look back on a great year, not only because she celebrated her 25th year as a woman, Sabine also found love again…

On October 6, 1993 was Sabine Hagedoren see for the first time as a woman. “That was something big. I was nervous,” says Sabine in Nina, the weekend supplement of The Latest News. The weather was still broadcast live. But 25 years later, Sabine Hagedoren become a permanent fixture for the television viewer. To the extent that Sabine for many people a knowledge. And there the woman a funny anecdote about. It sometimes happens that anyone on the street can relate to. “Hey Sabine, how is ‘t?” And that they do not immediately realize that they are Sabine or every day on tv, but that they don’t know. “They think I’m a friend.” Quite funny, Sabine in Nina.

But 2018 was also a good year because Sabine love again love is found. “Now everything will fall back in the fold”, gives the woman. Two years ago her husband died Jurgen to cancer. Jurgen was the father of their children, Lars (12) and Lise (11), and even on his deathbed thought Jurgen to his wife. He still had one gold council for his wife. “You should not stay alone. I want you happy. You’re much too beautiful to remain alone. Make it something beautiful.” An hour later, he was no longer there, told Sabine in That House.

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