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Ryan Cortjens addresses in Zonhoven the victory in the juniors, Thibau Nys is third

58c110db9083664868ee6966f8d4d14b - Ryan Cortjens addresses in Zonhoven the victory in the juniors, Thibau Nys is third

Ryan Cortjens Sunday’s Superprestige in Zonhoven on his name. The junior from IKO Enertherm year the world champion Ben Tulett and Thibau Nys. Witse Meeusen was fifth, but retains his leadership position in the overall standings of the Superprestige.

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The famous Pit of Zonhoven was covered with a thin layer of snow Sunday morning, what the circulation was just that little bit difficult. European champion Pim Ronhaar was not of the party. The rider reported, in the last instance off due to illness.

It was Luke Verburg that the start in hands took, for Noah Vreeswijk and Witse Meeussen. That last decided not to wait too long and shook a first acceleration from the legs. At the end of the first round, he took a few steps, but the others were not far. Cortjens closed, and by a mistake of Meeussen he came only on the head. In the meantime, world champion Tulett catching up however, after his start had missed.

Cortjens, however, was still not gone and got Belmans, and Meeussen again to his side. Also Michael Bervoets would the connection still make. In the last round made Cortjens the difference and he ran to the victory, for Tulett and Nys. The Observer is clearly on a roll, because it is already his fifth win in five weeks time, after previous victories in Gavere, Hasselt, Essen and Overijse. Meeussen reserves just in his leadership position with 55 points, one more than Cortjens.

When the newbies showed Aaron He is the strongest in the first year, Lorenzo Masciarelli was the best for the sophomore.

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