Ronnie Flex closes it’s year with the biggest concert ever

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Ronnie Flex

Although his biggest own show until now, has Ronnie been for hotter fires stood. He stood with his band already on festivals like Lowlands and Pinkpop, which is ten times as much audience as the 6000 man in AFAS Live fits. Nevertheless, the concert in AFAS Live for Ronnie really is a dream come true’.

“Last year I stood for the first time with Deuxperience in small popzalen. I never thought I had so much fun could have in my shows as I have with this band”, commented the singer back when he had his show in AFAS Live announced. “We really do have to know something to put down that I am proud of. This year resulted in a sold-out tour in large halls. That I now a year later with a show to announce of this caliber is really a dream come true.”

Ronnie Flex closes his year in our country or in AFAS Live, in the south it still has to bake. On december 23, he with his band in the AB in Brussels. In the new year attracts Ronnie Flex again by our country with Deuxperience. This spring he including Utrecht, Nijmegen and Tilburg.

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