Research into extreme right-wing cell, with the German police

2ccce2f715c17a60277732154dbfa32d - Research into extreme right-wing cell, with the German police

In Germany has launched an investigation into five police officers accused of to be a far-right cell, have formed.

The five would be pictures of Hitler and swastikas through a WhatsApp group have shared. They would also be the daughter of a lawyer of Turkish origin have been threatened with death. That report the German media.

The four men and a woman who is for the duration of the investigation suspended. The case came to light in early August. It was then that the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz a threatening letter containing the words ‘rotten Turkish pig’ and ‘unifier of islamic militants’. The letter also threatened with the killing of her 2-year-old daughter. ‘Kick it off now while you can’, decided the transmitter.

The fax was signed with NSU 2.0’, a reference to a neo-nazi terrorist group from the nineties that when eight Turkish immigrants killed. The lawyer will receive more threatening letters, but never with such personal threats. She has the letter sent to the police because the first name of her daughter was called, and her private address.

The police could figure out that the perpetrators had access to a computer from a police station in Frankfurt. Then there were the phone calls and the hard drives of the computers of the five police officers searched. That brought their neo-nazi sympathies to the light.

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