Reactions after simple victory PSV at Heracles (closed)

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Reactions after simple victory PSV at Heracles (closed)

15 december 2018 18:18
15-12-18 18:18
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In the Premier league were Saturday four races on the program, including the Heracles Almelo-PSV (0-4). Read all of the reactions in our liveblog.

  • PEC-NAC 0-0
  • AZ-Excelsior 2-1
  • Heracles-PSV 0-4
  • Vitesse-VVV 2-1

Vitesse-VVV · 38 minutes ago

Past! Vitesse will win with 2-1 VVV-Venlo and climbs at the expense of Heracles Almelo to sixth place in the Premier league.Vitesse-VVV · one hour geleden80′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-1

The answer of Vitesse let not be long in coming. Oussama Darfalou works on indicate Hillary Chime 2-1 in the goal.Vitesse-VVV · one hour geleden76′ GOAL in OT! 1-1

On indicate of invader Patrick Joosten tap Peniel Mlapa of close to the equalizer. Vitesse gets the cover on the nose for all the missed opportunities.Vitesse-VVV · one hour geleden70′ That saves not much. A shot distance of Ralf Seuntjens is right next to it. Vitesse has been warned.Vitesse-VVV · one hour geleden67′ Vitesse calls, but VVV still not on the knees. It is still 1-0 in Arnhem.Heracles-PSV · one hour ago

PSV scored twice from a corner kick against Heracles. In total made the Locals now fifteen goals from a standard application, the most of all clubs this season. Heralces was sixteen at this season, also in that respect the most of all clubs.Heracles-PSV · 2 hours ago

Past! Leader PSV will not be in problems against Heracles and book a spacious uitzege: 0-4.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden90+4′ GOAL PSV! 0-4

Half a minute after his missed penalty kick scores Pereiro is still. The Uruguyaan the headline in the 0-4 in the net.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden90+3′ PSV misses penalty kick!

Blaswich will return with a penalty kick from substitute Pereiro.
Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden90+2′ Penalty kick PSV and red Heracles!

Substitute player Czyborra makes hands on the goal line, preventing a hit and is red sent off the field. PSV may take a penalty.AZ-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

Past! AZ wins by a hit of Johnsen deep in injury time with a 2-1 Excelsior.AZ-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden90+4′ GOAL AZ! 2-1

AZ seems to be going to win of Excelsior! Johnsen and blasts it deep into injury time tap.AZ-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden84′ Again is AZ close to a hit. A header from Bjorn Johnsen is superbly caught by Damen.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden79′ GOAL PSV! 0-3

Denzel Dumfries and blasts out of a corner the 0-3 against the ropes. PSV have hardly to make an effort to wide figures in Almelo to win.AZ-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden83′ What a chance for AZ! Guus Lift will get a free schietmogelijkheid, but he places the ball half a meter apart. It is still 1-1 in Alkmaar.Vitesse-VVV · 2 hours ago

Ödegaard has at Vitesse thirteen duels need to two times to score. Also at Heerenveen, he was a two time accurate, but there he was, however, 38 games in mind.Vitesse-VVV · 2 hours geleden32′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-0

What a beautiful goal from Martin Ödegaard! The Norwegian pulls from the backline to the inside and shoot with his left foot into the far corner. Vitesse take the lead.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden66′ let Kuwas a huge opportunity untapped. The attacker is deeply driven by Duarte and should in alone on the goal of Sweet. Unfortunately for the home team, he plays the ball too far in front of him, and then he is picked up by Nick Viergever.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden61′ Rosario picks up a yellow card after a violation on Duarte. He is therefore suspended for the thuisduel with AZ, that next week on the program.AZ-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden64′ Almost comes to Excelsior for the second time ahead of. A bet of Elías Ómarsson is just next to the wrong side of the pole.Heracles-PSV · 2 hours ago

PSV saw in 2018, eight times an opponent with red to leave the field. No other club saw more than five leave.Heracles-PSV · 2-hour geleden49′ A spectacular bicycle kick from Lozano goes right on.Premier league · 2-hour geleden46′ AZ-Excelsior and Heracles-PSV resumed.Vitesse-VVV · 2 hours geleden1′, There is kick off in Arnhem, the netherlands. Vitesse-VVV is on the way.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours ago

PSV made all 93 goals in 2018, the most for the club in a calendar year since 2012 (99).Heracles-PSV · 3 hours ago

Peace. No problem for PSV with a man more in Almelo on a 0-2 lead.AZ-Excelsior · 3 hours ago

Peace. AZ and Excelsior search the dressing rooms with a 1-1-intermediate.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours geleden45+2′ RED Heracles!

Jesper Drost is much too late at the ball, touches the calf of Rosario with his studs and is after the intervention of the VAR sent off the field. Heracles stands for an impossible task.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours geleden44 ” What an incredible opportunity for Kuwas to get his team back into the game! The attacker may in alone on the goal of Jeroen Zoet, but he shifts the ball one meter apart.AZ-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden39′ GOAL AZ! 1-1

Guus Lift headlines from close to the equalizer in the goal. It is similar in Alkmaar.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours ago

Daniel Schwaab makes his first goal of the season. Last season, he scored twice, with his last hit dates back to 23 december 2017, against Vitesse.PEC-NAC · 3 hours ago

Past! PEC and NAC shoot both a lot of time with a goalless draw in Zwolle.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours geleden33′ GOAL PSV! 0-2

The Young headline in a corner by Schwaab, who is close to 0-2 against the ropes in a headline. PSV is sitting on the roses in Almelo, the netherlands.Vitesse-VVV · 3 hours ago

Also, the arrays of Vitesse and VVV are within. When the people from arnhem begins Jake Clarke-Salter in place of Rasmus Thelander. Roy Beerens is preferred over Matús Bero. In the Figures, there are no changes from the 0-0 duel of last week, at home against FC Groningen.

Vitesse: Eduardo; Karavaev, Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks, Clarke-Salter, Büttner; Ødegaard, Serero, Foor; Beerens, Darfalou, Linssen.

VVV-Venlo: Unnerstall; Rutten, Promes, Röseler, Kum; Van Ooijen, Linthorst, Susic; Opoku, Mlapa, Cave.AZ-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden30′ GOAL Excelsior! 0-1

With a fantastic shot distance turn Denis Mahmudov Excelsior to lead in Alkmaar!PEC-NAC · 3 hours geleden86′ That saves a little! Rosheuvel takes the purpose of a Farmer under attack, but he sees his hard shot flies over.AZ-Excelsior · 3 hours geleden22′ Jonas Svensson is the terminus of a beautiful attack, but his shot is turned by Excelsior goalkeeper Alessandro Damen.Heracles-PSV · 3 hours ago

Steven Bergwijn scored for the first time in three Eredivisie duels in a row. The attacker is now in eleven of his last twelve Bundesliga duels at least one goal involved. With his eighth goal of the season equals he in addition, his most productive Premier league season (eight goals in 2017/2018).Heracles-PSV · 3 hours geleden12′ GOAL PSV! 0-1

What a brilliant hit of Steven Bergwijn! The attacker is deeply driven by Jorrit Hendrix, slash in beautiful way Heraclied out and stings the ball under goalkeeper Janis Blaswich. PSV leads in Almelo, the netherlands.AZ-Excelsior · 3 hours ago

Mounir El Hamdaoui (on the couch) returns to Alkmaar, for the first time in Premier league-related since his last duel on behalf of AZ on december 19, 2015 (2-2 against FC Utrecht). The 34-year-old Moroccan was in 2008/2009 national champions with AZ. The only player in this duel, who are also a part of that was Marko Vejinovic (bankzitter in AZ).Heracles-PSV · 3 hours geleden4′ PSV escaped! The decaying ball falls to the feet of Brandley Kuwas of close hard on shoots.Eredivisie · 3 hours geleden1′ is kicked off in enschede and Alkmaar. Heracles-PSV and AZ-Excelsior are on the way.PEC-NAC · 4 hours geleden46′ The ball rolls again in Zwolle. Scored is not there yet.Heracles-PSV · 4 hours ago

Thanks to two hits last week against Excelsior, Luuk de Jong on 98 goals for PSV. The last player to one hundred goals for PSV aantikte, was the Way Kezman (129 goals total). Kezman made his 99th and 100th for PSV on 21 september 2003 in the champion’s League match with Feyenoord (1-3 profit).PEC-NAC · 4 hours ago

Peace! Both PEC if NAC has great opportunities for the score to open, but scored, there is not yet in Zwolle: 0-0.PEC-NAC · 4 hours geleden32′ As close is PEC not to score a goal. Benjamin van Leer, who saves well on a bet of Vito of Crooij.Heracles-PSV · 4 hours ago

Heracles starts with Tim Breukers for Wout Droste, Stephen Sama for Dario van den Buijs and Jesper Drost for Adrian Dalmau.

Heracles: Blaswich; Breukers, Rossmann, Sama, Van Hintum; Osman, Merkel, Duarte; Drost, Kuwas, Peterson.Heracles-PSV · 4 hours ago

Schwaab back in PSV
Daniel Schwaab returns after an injury back in the base, at PSV. His arrival comes at the expense of Trent Sainsbury, which is on the bank begins. Érick Gutiérrez, the society preferred to Gastón Pereiro.

PSV: Zoet; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Angelino; Rosario, Guti, Hendrix; Bergwijn, The Young, Lozano.PEC-NAC · 4 hours geleden20′ Re NAC close to a hit. A header of Peace is beautifully caught by the Farmer.Back to top

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