Pregnant Guy conquers Japan… In English!

2b67616c5b2961522d2ffd02bd784e57 - Pregnant Guy conquers Japan... In English!

How Japan responds to the rousing – and especially Dutch – French-English live shows of Pregnant Guy? That explained the Red Bull Elektropedia caught in the documentary Pregnant In Japan. “You arrive somewhere and bam! Other fragrance, other people. Suddenly you’re no longer the smallest of the group,” jokes VG. In april 2018 he went with Umi and LeFtO from Tokyo to Kagoshima. LeFtO as a guide, Umi as a connoisseur and Pregnant Guy as a man with a plan. A track record with two Japanese artists in the Red Bull Studios for example. Or rapping for 10 million listeners on radio station InterFM and with Umi and LeFtO behind the decks late night shows playing in packed clubs. Ever been in a room full of Japanese people from their roof to see go ‘Doctor Guy’?

“Japan was really wahahaw,” says Pregnant Guy. “What a clash. And what a surprise. So welcoming, so overwhelmingly friendly. And not afraid of a hearty party. Men flames! Also a lot of talent there. I took a track with two Japanese artists in the Red Bull Studios, and it was great to be that busy. Everything there was fantastic to see. The colors, the smells, the people. And good food man. I want to go back!”

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