Popularity, museums in Amsterdam continues to grow

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The numbers of the big Amsterdam museums to continue to grow. The Rijksmuseum attracted this year a whopping 2.3 million visitors. A growth of 9% compared to 2017.

The biggest crowd-puller with 240.000 interested parties was the festive exhibition High Society, which was celebrated that the Rembrandt-portraits Marten and Oopjen in full glory in the Netherlands.

Also the Van Gogh Museum to see its popularity ever increasing, especially on social media. The museum can now boast the most engaged online fan base of the international museum world. The number of followers on Instagram doubled up to 900,000, the Facebook pages of Van Gogh have collectively more than 4.7 million followers. All of these people are good for more than 7.5 million likes and comments. On Instagram is the engagementaandeel with more than 9.1 million likes and sharings even higher.

The number of visitors that actually in Amsterdam the paintings of Vincent van Gogh came to admire, came in 2018 at more than 2.1 million. That is almost 95,000 people less than last year, when the absolute record number of more than 2.2 million.

The queue for the Van Gogh Museum has for some time disappeared. This has nothing to do with waning interest in the life and work of the Dutch painter, says managing director Axel Rüger. “Because we have moved to 100% online ticket sales with tijdsloten there is a better spread in the museum and no one more waiting outside. That you see now in our higher visitor satisfaction.”

Taco Dibbits, the director of the museum, is particularly pleased that the exhibitions in 2018, more Dutch people have drawn. Thanks to successful exhibitions, such as High Society and 80 years of War was more than 875.000 countrymen their way to the museum. Among them many children: a whopping 370.000, of which half school came to watch.

Also the Escape Game, a new initiative of the Government, drew a younger audience. No less than 15,000 participants played the interactive hunt in the summer. Due to the success of the ’ontsnappingsspel’ in the upcoming christmas holiday is repeated.

The New Church in Amsterdam attracted over the last 12 months also something more visitors: 230.000, that is 20,000 more than in 2017. Especially the exhibition about The life of the Buddha, and Wold Press Photo attracted a lot of interested parties. The Hermitage was the record year 2017, when the Dutch masters from St. Petersburg, not to exceed. Then came a half a million people to take a look. Now comes the traffic on a solid 440,000 in.

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