Parents Chekatt: our son was a follower

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STRASBOURG – The parents of Strasbourg-gunman Chérif Chekatt in a controversial interview on French television said that their son, a sympathiser of IS was.

The parents were after the attack at the christmas market secured. They were heard and are now free again, because there is no evidence that they the ideas of their son to share, or any involvement.

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Three days before the shooting saw father Abdelkrim Chekatt his son for the last time. “If he gives me his schedule had told, I was immediately to the police gone, so he no one could kill”, he tells at Tv France 2.

Chérif Chekatt was a follower of the ideas of IS, his father tells him. He has tried his son to convince him not in the IS-propaganda to the stairs, but in vain. Chérif was Friday killed by agents.

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