New single Axel Lane – ‘I Will Always Love You’

b4cc956eab276103bc0b3150fe8e0553 - New single Axel Lane - 'I Will Always Love You'

With the end of the year in sight brings Axel Lane in a very surprising version of ‘I Will Always Love You’. The hit single was written by Dolly Parton in the 70s but the huge success of this song was reserved for the 90’s, when Whitney Houston song covered for the film ‘The Bodyguard’. After Universal version of Axel heard, they let prompt know that he was allowed to release in the Benelux. And that is also what Axel Lane is going to do today. “It is a more subdued version where I own the piano inspeel and the production was provided by Peter Keereman” says Axel.
‘I Will Always Love You’, the new single of Axel Lane, you can listen HERE on Spotify and download on iTunes!

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