Millennia-old tomb found in Egypt

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CAIRO – Just south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo is almost 4,500 years old tomb of a priest found. The tomb is exceptionally well-preserved’ and is therefore now a unique find mentioned by Mostafa Waziri, the secretary-general of the Egyptian supreme Council for Antiquities.

Almost all of the images in the tomb have their original color still.

The tomb belonged to Wahtye, a priest, who is in the service of pharaoh Neferirkare. This ruler reigned in Egypt a few years in the 25th century Bc. According to the inscription above the entrance of the tomb was Wahtye the royal priest responsible for the cleansing and the inspector of the ’holy ship’.

The function of such vessels is also still a mystery; they could be purely symbolic, though the investigation of some of the unearthed vessels showed that she did in fact have hazards.


The tomb itself consists of a central space of ten by three meters with a fifty larger and smaller alcoves containing statues. Wahtye itself has an image, just as his wife Wered Ptah and his mother Merit Think. On the walls are various scenes depicted, believed to be the daily occupations of the priest. The images are, especially considering their high age, especially colored.

From the central room, there are five shafts further into the ground. Egyptian archaeologists yesterday began with the excavation thereof. It is suspected that one of the shafts leads to a space where the sarcophagus of the priest. That will likely be unimpaired, because nothing indicates that grave robbers, the tomb would be ransacked.

The tomb is found during excavation in Saqqara, a necropolis near the world-famous pyramids of Giza. In addition, already a large kattengraf and a collection of mummified scarabs found.

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