May makes wood call Tony Blair, who is new Brexit referendum would

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The British prime minister Theresa May has heavily taken out to ex-prime minister Tony Blair, who calls for a new Brexit referendum.

“The fact that Tony Blair to Brussels and our negotiations undermines arguing for a second referendum, is an insult to the position he has pursued, and the people that he has served,” said May to the BBC. According to Blair would be a second referendum the deadlock in the United Kingdom can break through. “For now, the government has nowhere control over,” said Blair. ‘Not on the agenda, not about the outcome, and certainly not about what happens after the outcome.’

May responded razor-sharp: “Too many people want the Brexit process of sabotaging their own political interests instead of the national interest’. They stressed to continue to fight for ‘a good agreement for the United Kingdom’.

Second referendum

Some British media wrote in the meantime that one behind the back of May busy would be to the possibilities of a second referendum to keys. That was quickly denied by Gavin Barwell, the chief of staff to May. He announced that he Sunday a christmas tree is to decorate it, and so not a tree will be set up on a second referendum.

David Lidington, the number 2 of the government who also was named in the media reports, was referring only to his statements of last Monday. He said that a second referendum was not necessary and would lead to a final solution.

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